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The following are some of the most popular features of Sonia:

Sonia for Students Mobile App
  • The Sonia for Students App will keep you and your students connected and informed.
  • Available for phones and/or tablets for FREE on the Play Store and/or App Store.
  • Information is cached so details can be seen when students are 'offline', e.g. when placed somewhere with no/poor internet access.
Enterprise Power - Supports multiple schools
  • Multiple and unlimited schools can be created within a single installation of Sonia.
  • Each school is distinct from one another, having its own separate records and terminology.
  • Placement officers can have access to multiple schools, selecting a particular school to access at any one time, and easy to switch between.
  • Enterprise level power providing whole of university support, site sharing, organisation-wide reporting.
  • Dashboard views at various levels showing charts/maps/metrics.
  • Inbuilt address mapping, e.g. you can see where all your students are on placement today.
Staff can customise terminology and business rules
  • Key terminology can be customised on a per faculty or school basis, allowing your staff and students to use terms they are familiar with.
  • School-wide business rules can be set once and always enforced on all placements and preferences.
  • For each group of placements, placement officers can opt to overwrite the business rules with new rules if special cases apply.
  • Staff can create workflows to automate a sequence of actions and conditions
  • Workflows can be automatically assigned based on particular events
Placement options range from automated allocation through to student-driven
  • Sonia is incredibly flexible when it comes to the structure of placements.
  • Education provider driven allocations, utilising automatic placement based on specific rules, through to manual assignment.
  • Student self-allocation to flexible placements that occur at any time within a date range.
  • Placement providers can advertise opportunities, interview, and make offers
Connection to your student enrolment system and other university infrastructure
  • Enrolments can be imported automatically from your existing enrolment system as frequently as you would like.
  • Complete student records including course information, address details and much more can be imported and updated automatically.
  • IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification: integrate with LMS and LTI Tools
Bulk emailing/SMS with mail merge
  • Reusable email templates can be defined to communicate with entire groups of students, supervisors and site contacts.
  • A variety of mail merge placeholders can be added to the email templates.
  • Placeholders range from simple information like the recipient's name to complex information such as a list of their outstanding checks.
Electronic forms easily designed and sent to contacts
  • Design: Placement officers can build web forms, online surveys, questionnaires, polls, learning agreements, student evaluations, etc.
  • Automate: Automatically populate your form fields with data from Sonia itself
  • Distribute: Choose who to target (students/site contacts/supervisors), e.g. allocated students
  • Analyse: View/print/export the responses
  • Collaborate: Form designs can be exported and imported, allowing the easy sharing and reuse of forms amongst Sonia users.
  • Action: Define multiple actions such as automatically setting a check, or populating data fields.
Custom fields can be added throughout Sonia
  • If you require additional information that is specific to your school, on any type of record, you can create your own fields.
  • Specify permissions for Sonia Online users as to who can see and/or edit the contents of each custom field.
Sites can be shared across all schools
  • Each school can choose to share site information with other schools in their organisation on a per site basis.
  • All site information such as address and personnel is shared, guaranteeing updated details are only entered once, resulting in consistent records.
  • Site hierarchies can be defined with no limitation on depth
  • Any information pertaining to placements for shared sites is kept within the particular schools, not shared with others.
Interviews can be setup between sites, students, supervisors, etc.
  • A typical scenario might be that a student requests an interview at a particular site they want to attend. The interview might be in person, or via Skype, etc. All interview participants can see/manage the interview details using Sonia Online.
  • Timezone details are included to avoid confusion when attendees are in different states/countries.
Unlimited attachment of documents and notes
  • Students, staff and industry users can all upload documents and give permission on a per file basis as to who can access the documents.
  • Notes can be made visible only to your colleagues or public to the individual users they concern
Student timesheets and activity logging
  • Administration of timesheets for each placement can be delegated to internal supervisors, external site contacts or the students themselves.
  • You can define the submitters, approvers and/or viewers.
  • The choice to delegate or to keep administration of timesheets in the hands of the placement officers can be made per faculty or school.
  • Track activities against timesheet entries to record student progress
Easy to use wizards to reduce data input
  • Enter numerous similar or identical information in bulk within a few simple steps using our guided instructions.
  • Create sequential placements for students spanning their entire degree taking into your business rules without conflicts.
Online registration of potential new placement providers
  • Prospective placement providers can be directed to Sonia Online to fill a registration form allowing their details to be entered directly into Sonia.
  • Existing providers can confirm requests and provide placement details for future or active placements.
Student nomination of new sites
  • Reduce the pressure on placement officers to find providers by allowing students to nominate potential sites and provide contact information.
  • Nominated sites are compared to existing sites and can be amalgamated into one entry containing the latest information.
Supervisor roster for planning and allocating supervisor staff to placements
  • The roster view allows you to see an overview of your supervisors' schedule and availability for any given date range.
  • Coordinate scheduling and workload for your supervisors in minutes.
Ad Hoc reports and exports give you flexible access to the data you need
  • Export your records in a spreadsheet format that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or any similar product.
  • Choose exactly the individual fields you want to extract from Sonia, filtered and sorted to your liking.
Over 100 reports available
  • Sonia Reporting contains a variety of pre-defined reports for commonly requested information.
  • Define the font, colours and other styles of all elements of your reports.
  • The heading and footer of every report can be customised to your brand, including logos and text, formatted to your specifications.
Mentor payments with configurable calculation methods
  • Create payment invoices in any currency or mixture of currencies for your site contacts that are mentors or coordinators for your students.
  • Calculation methods can differ per group of placements, taking into account amount of students, duration or just a flat rate.
Features - Social networking built in - send your alerts to contacts via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn
  • Instantly notify students, site contacts, supervisors, who have liked or followed your organisation via social media.
  • Once configured, all notifications can be made from within Sonia without having to open the social networks' websites.
Placement history is retained indefinitely
  • Any information recorded into Sonia is kept forever.
  • Only currently active information is displayed up front, historical information can be located via a simple search.

When it comes to Field Education, there's almost nothing that Sonia can't do!

Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education – Bryn Mawr College, USA