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Manage placements with Sonia

Find out why Sonia is the No.1 student placement software in the world.

Sonia can help

Sonia is an enterprise tool that helps placement officers better manage the various elements involved in student placement.

From admissions to alumni

Student data is imported from your existing student enrolment system, whether it's a custom in-house solution or any commercial product

Tailor the system to meet the needs of your faculty, define your terminology and select the options that are relevant to the way you work

All placement models supported, whether driven by placement officer, site or student

Students can enter preferences, and nominate sites

Activity and reminders are immediately available for the placement officer to view and action

Manage Scholarships, student fees and mentor payments

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Eliminate paperwork

Automatic allocation using business rules

Share information about external providers between schools and faculties

Import placement information from state government systems such as ClinConnect and Placeright

Placement provider integration: supports Sonia Central and SPOT

IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification: integrate with LMS and LTI Tools

Supervisor roster

Interviews, calendar, etc.

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Assessment and reporting

Custom fields and electronic forms


Extensive and flexible reporting

Placement history

Dashboard views at various levels showing charts/maps/metrics

Inbuilt address mapping, e.g. you can see where all your students are on placement today

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Bulk communication

Mobile app notifications to Sonia for Students/Supervisors - Free Apps for mobile devices

Bulk Email with mail merge, automatic attachments, logging, etc.

SMS, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Automatic notifications via email/sms/mobile ensure nothing is missed

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Electronic portfolios

Students can build up an electronic portfolio that includes:

Placement details

Timesheets, competencies and activites

Documents, forms, links and notes


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Accessibility / multilingual

Online standards compliance and accessibility (WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA)


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Timesheets, documents, forms and notes

Student timesheets with approval process

Student log book tracking competency requirements and activity against timesheet entries

Add documents, forms, links and notes

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