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Placement Providers

Placement providers can manage student placements with Sonia using three products:

Sonia Online

Portal for a specific education provider that gives specific details of each placement.  Placement providers can:

  • Approve/reject requests for placements from the education provider.
  • View and export placement details.
  • Advertise opportunities
  • Manage their contact details and those of other staff within their organisation.
  • Directly provide placement details to allocated students at any stage of the placement.
  • Manage interviews.
  • Approve timesheets.
  • Add documents, notes and links
  • Complete forms
  • Bulk communicate with students

Sonia Central

Work placement management, containing information from multiple education providers in one place.  Placement providers can:

  • Advertise placement capacity planning and choose how to distribute between education providers.
  • Manage placements for all education providers in their area.
  • View and export placements details from all education providers.
  • Integrates with Sonia to provide a two-way flow of information between Placement and Education providers

SPOT - Student Placement Online Tool

SPOT is a third-party web based solution for managing and coordinating student clinical placements developed by Mater Education Limited.

Sonia integrates with SPOT to provide an enhanced experience for education providers using Sonia that are collaborating with placement providers using this system. It saves duplication, mistakes and ultimately time.

When it comes to Field Education, there's almost nothing that Sonia can't do!

Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education – Bryn Mawr College, USA